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Improving your home’s energy efficiency involves two main components: insulation and air sealing. Insulation provides a thermal barrier between your home and the outdoors, while attic air sealing prevents air leakage through crevices and cracks.

At Attic Efficiency, a top-rated attic insulation and air sealing company, we provide premier professional and effective attic air sealing in Walnut Creek and the surrounding San Francisco Bay Area.

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Walnut Creek’s Top Attic Air Sealing Company: Attic Efficiency

Why should you choose us at Attic Efficiency over any of the other Bay Area attic air sealing companies? Walnut Creek homeowners love us for our:

Professionalism: Our expert team knows all about attic air sealing and will deliver outstanding results on projects of any scope.

Efficiency: With Attic Efficiency, you can be sure of a fast and thorough job and a clean worksite at the end of the day.

Reliability: We honor our commitments. Every project includes a detailed written quote that specifies timelines and costs.

Standards: We only use quality materials, adhere to the highest industry standards, and follow the best safety practices.

Service: We are here to answer your questions, accommodate your wishes, and work around your schedule.

How Do I Know If My Home Needs Attic Air Sealing Services?

While homes need to “breathe”—meaning that no homeowner should aim for hermetic sealing—many buildings, especially older Bay Area homes, suffer from excessive air leakage. Much of this leakage occurs in the attic, especially in windy weather.

Your home may benefit from attic air sealing if:

  • Your rooms feel drafty, especially on the upper floor
  • You experience sharp temperature fluctuations inside your home
  • Your energy bills are unusually high
  • You notice dust, mold, mildew, or pests in your home
  • You can spot visible leaks or openings in the attic
attic sealing spray foam insulation company in Walnut Creek

attic sealing spray foam insulation company Walnut Creek California

Custom Solutions from Walnut Creek’s Superior Attic Air Sealing Contractor

At Attic Efficiency, we start every attic air sealing project with a thorough inspection that identifies leakage points. Our well-trained team pays special attention to leak-prone points like hatches, plumbing penetrations, and attic windows. We will also check your attic for worn-down insulation that may harbor air leaks.

Depending on our findings, we will suggest the optimal solution for your air leakage problem. This may be spray foam sealing, air barriers, caulking, and more. We will also propose solutions for other issues that often accompany air leakage, like moisture and pest infestations.

Other Attic Air Sealing Companies in Walnut Creek Can’t Compare! Call Us Today

Attic air sealing can help keep your home cool in the summer and warm in the winter, prevent moisture problems, and reduce your energy bills. At Attic Efficiency, we offer efficient performance, skilled craftsmanship, and outstanding service on all attic air sealing, spray foam insulation, and other attic service projects in and around Walnut Creek, CA.

For a free quote from a leading local attic air sealing company, call our Attic Efficiency team at 209-583-9317 today.

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