Every home has air loss. Unfortunately, air loss means a decrease in efficiency and increased energy bills. This makes attic air sealing an important consideration. “Most attics have far more leaks than homeowners know about or even know to look for. Finding and sealing them is an intensive process that is best left to an attic sealing company,” shares Walnut Creek attic cleaning company, Attic Efficiency.

Why Do Homes Need Attic Air Sealing?

The home structure is designed to protect the occupants from the elements. The intent is to create a tight “envelope” where outdoor conditions as little as possible impact indoor conditions. However, not all homes are created equal, and the home’s condition can change over time, impacting air leaks. Air leaks affect energy efficiency. According to Energy Star, as much as 30% of energy usage is lost through the attic due to leaks.

What is Attic Sealing?

Attic sealing is the process of detecting and addressing areas of air loss in the attic to improve energy efficiency. It prevents warm air from escaping through the roof in winter and cool air from escaping in summer. An attic sealing company identifies areas of air loss by looking for gaps or cracks in the attic’s walls, ceiling, and floor. They also evaluate the condition and placement of the attic insulation. Once they identify the problems, the attic air sealing company uses caulk, weatherstripping, spray foam, and other materials to seal the air leaks they identified.

Signs of Needing Attic Air Sealing

  • Noticeable drafts in the home
  • Excess dust
  • Increased energy bills
  • Uneven heating and cooling patterns within the home
  • Dry air in the winter

What is the Cost of Attic Air Sealing

On average, an attic air sealing company charges $1,500 to $2,500 for professional air sealing services. But, it is better to consult an attic professional for accurate pricing.

Is Attic Air Sealing Worth it?

Because an attic already has insulation, many people wonder if air sealing is necessary or worth the effort. Considering that the EPA estimates savings of 15% on heating and cooling costs by properly air sealing and adding insulation to the home, attic air sealing is definitely a worthwhile investment.

Top Benefits of Air Sealing

  • Attic air sealing can reduce air leakage by 20% (Energy Star)
  • Sealing the attic can reduce energy costs by up to 20% (Energy Star)
  • Sealing attic leaks reduces the amount of dust and pollen in the home and improves indoor air quality
  • A properly sealed attic prevents moisture from entering the attic and causing unhealthy mold growth
  • Proper sealing reduces the amount of noise pollution from outside penetrating the home
  • Attic air sealing can help significantly reduce the amount of heat loss in winter and heat gain in summer

Why Should You Hire an Attic Air Sealing Company?

Even with the right tools and knowledge, the attic is a difficult and potentially dangerous work environment. When working in the attic environment, there is the risk of falling. Insulation that is damaged by rodents or mold can be a health hazard. The wiring in attics may pose even more danger.

Hiring an attic air sealing company ensures that all of the leaks around electrical outlets, light fixtures, vents, chimneys, pipes, wiring, and more are identified and addressed with the proper material. Working with a licensed, bonded, and insured attic air sealing company also means that the home warranty and home insurance will continue to cover future issues in the attic space.

Top Attic Air Sealing Company in Walnut Creek

A properly and professionally sealed attic can significantly reduce energy bills. Located in Walnut Creek, CA, Attic Efficiency is the area’s trusted attic and insulation services expert and is highly skilled in attic air sealing. The locally owned and operated company provides superior services for competitive prices. Attic Efficiency proudly serves the San Francisco Bay Area and is licensed, insured, and fully bonded.

For more information about Attic Efficiency or its services, call (209) 752-6089.

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