Although most people do not think of their attic until it is time to find the holiday decorations or the long-forgotten keepsake, the attic is one of the home’s most important spaces. When the attic does its job, it blocks outdoor heat from getting in during the summer or heat escaping in the winter and helps control moisture levels. But, the attic can only do its job if the insulation is in good condition, explains Walnut Creek’s premier attic and insulation services company, Attic Efficiency.

Most people never consider the condition of their insulation, but they should. Insulation does not last forever; its condition matters to the home’s comfort and energy efficiency. When attic insulation should be replaced depends heavily on its age and condition.

Here are the top signs it is time to talk to an insulation contractor.

Utility Bills Have Increased

One good way to identify a problem with the insulation is by seeing a steady increase in utility bills without other explainable causes. The older insulation gets, the less effective it can become. As a result, energy bills can creep up even when you are not increasing usage.

Rooms are Drafty

Insulation helps cut down on draftiness in the home. When it is old, worn, thinning, or damaged, places in the home may feel more drafty than they once did.

Inconsistent Room Temperatures

When an attic isn’t insulated properly, the temperature in the home may feel uneven, with some rooms feeling warmer or colder than others, even when running the HVAC system.

Pest Infestation

Insulation makes a home cozy, but unfortunately, the material can also make a comfortable home for pests. Mice, rats, raccoons, birds, and bugs are all attracted to insulation to make nests. The presence of pests is a huge problem for insulation as all of their activities cause the material to degrade. Additionally, urine-damaged insulation can become a major health hazard. If a pest problem exists, it is important to work with a pest control service to eradicate it before talking to an attic insulation contractor for removal or replacement.

The Insulation is Old, Worn, or Damaged

Sometimes it is possible to see that the insulation is old, worn, or damaged. Signs of this may include water or rodent damage, mold, or the material breaking down. If it is difficult to tell, but the other problems are present, it is a good idea to talk to an attic insulation contractor.

When to Talk to An Attic Insulation Contractor

If a home has any signs of a problem with insulation, it is probably time to talk to an attic insulation contractor. Experts recommend having the attic insulation inspected by a professional at least once a year. A professional can identify the problem and suggest solutions for new insulation. It is also important to have insulation professionally removed as older types of insulation may pose a health hazard and should be handled with care.

Top Insulation Contractor in Walnut Creek

Whether for attic insulation repair or replacement, it is essential to find a qualified professional. In Walnut Creek, CA, Attic Efficiency is the area’s trusted attic cleaning, insulation replacement, and rodent-proofing expert. As the first choice for attic care and cleaning, the locally owned and operated company provides superior services for competitive prices. Attic Efficiency proudly serves the San Francisco Bay Area and is licensed, insured, and fully bonded.

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